How to Install Google Chrome on Manjaro

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Google Chrome on Manjaro. Google Chrome is available in the Arch User Repostiroy (AUR) so we can install it from there by either downloading and compiling it, or using an AUR helper like yay or pamac as you’ll see below.

Installing Google Chrome From AUR

Step 1. First, install the prerequisite packages to download and build Google Chrome.

$ sudo pacman -S base-devel git

Step 2. Clone Google Chrome from the AUR.

$ git clone

Step 3. Change the working directory to google-chrome:

$ cd google-chrome

Step 4. Next, proceed to install Google Chrome:

$ makepkg -si

Step 5. To uninstall Google Chrome from Manjaro, execute the command below:

$ sudo pacman -Rs google-chrome

Installing Google Chrome With yay

To install Google Chrome with yay, simply execute this command:

$ yay -S google-chrome

To uninstall Google Chrome, use the following command:

$ yay -R google-chrome

Installing Google Chrome With Pamac

Install Chrome with pamac command:

$ pamac build google-chrome

Installing Google Chrome via GUI

Step 1. Open the Add/Remove Software from the Manjaro menu.

Opening Add/Software from Manjaro menu

Step 2. Click the three dots located in the top right corner of the window. Then click on ‘Preferences’.

Accessing Preferences from Add/Remove Software menu

Step 3. In the third party tab, proceed to enable AUR support.

Enabling AUR support

Step 4. Once done, search for Google Chrome, and then finally click on the green arrow to start installing it.

Installing Google Chrome on Manjaro

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