How to Install Lutris on Manjaro

Lutris is the most popular Linux game manager on Linux that allows you to install games from different platforms like Steam,, and others. In this tutorial, we will learn how to install Lutris on Manjaro Linux, and also how to add games from the application and from the official Lutris website.

Installing Lutris

Lutris and prerequisite packages like wine and x86 libraries commonly required to run many games can be installed with the following command in terminal:

$ sudo pacman -S lutris wine winetricks wine-mono wine_gecko vulkan-icd-loader lib32-vulkan-icd-loader vkd3d lib32-vkd3d gvfs

Afterwards, open Lutris from your menus or launch it from the terminal:

$ lutris

Installing Games on Lutris

Note that you are required to have an account before trying to log into Lutris or any other game network. Registration links are provided below if needed:

Step 1. Once you have registered an account, access it via Lutris.

Logging into Lutris account

Step 2. From there, you can add a game by clicking the + icon on the top left side of the window.

Adding a game via Lutris app

Step 3. Next, start searching for a game of your desire and finally install the game.

Searching for a game and install it

Note: To install the games you wish to play using different platforms such as Steam, Epic Games, etc., you have to make sure you own them first. Otherwise the installation process with fail.

Step 4. Alternatively, you can install games from the official Lutris website. For this, you have to log in with your account. This allows you to sync the games you install to the Lutris app in your system.

Logging into Lutris account

Step 5. When you are logged into your Lutris account, search for the game you want to play, then click on install.

Installing a game via Lutris website

Step 6. Then, allow Lutris to open the link so you can start installing the game.

Allowing Lutris to open link

Step 7. A few installation prompts will appear, simply go through them to install the game.

Prompts shown when installing a game through Lutris website

Step 8. You can access all of your installed games in the Lutris application.

Accessing games library via Lutris app

Removing Lutris on Manjaro

To remove Lutris and any unused dependency packages from Manjaro, execute the following command.

$ sudo pacman -Rs lutris

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