How to Install Signal on Manjaro

Signal is an instant messaging app that competes directly with Whatsapp and Telegram. It offers similar features, but it mostly focuses on protecting user’s communication privacy. In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Signal on Manjaro.

Installing Signal on Manjaro via command line

To install Signal via command line, execute the following command:

$ sudo pacman -S signal-desktop

To launch Signal via terminal, use the next command:

$ signal

To remove Signal from Manjaro, execute the command below:

$ sudo pacman -Rn signal-desktop

Installing Signal via GUI method

Step 1. Open the Manjaro menu, then click on Add/Remove Software.

Opening the Add/Remove software from Manjaro menu

Step 2. Next, proceed to search for signal.

Searching for Signal on Manjaro

Step 3. Finally, click on install.

Installing Signal via GUI method

Step 4. Go through few prompts to start the installation process.

Going through prompts to install Signal on Manjaro

Step 5. To use Signal, simply scan the QR on screen with your phone.

Opening Signal on Manjaro

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