How to Install TeamViewer on Manjaro

TeamViewer is a remote access and control program, mostly used to share your desktop or use a computer remotely. In this tutorial, we will learn how to install TeamViewer in Manjaro.

Installing TeamViewer via command line

Step 1. To install TeamViewer on Manjaro, execute the following command:

$ sudo pamac build teamviewer

Step 2. After the installation is done, execute the following commands to start the TeamViewer daemon and enable it to start automatically upon future system boots.

$ sudo teamviewer --daemon enable
$ sudo systemctl enable teamviewerd.service
$ sudo systemctl start teamviewerd.service

Step 3. After this small process, you should be able to launch TeamViewer from system menus or by typing:

$ teamviewer

Step 4. If you decide to uninstall TeamViewer from Manjaro, here is the command to use:

$ sudo pamac remove teamviewer

Installing TeamViewer via GUI method

Step 1. Open the Add/Remove Software center from the Applications menu.

Opening the Add/Remove software from Application menu on Manjaro

Step 2. Click the three dots in the top right side of the next window, then open Preferences.

Accessing preferences in the Add/Remove software center

Step 3. In the Third Party tab, proceed to enable AUR support.

Enabling AUR support on Manjaro

Step 4. Next, search for TeamViewer, then click the download icon to install it.

Installing TeamViewer on Manjaro

Step 5. To open TeamViewer, open the Application menu then search for TeamViewer.

Launching TeamViewer from the Applications menu on Manjaro

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