How to Install Visual Studio Code on Manjaro

Manjaro has become popular among developers and programmers because of its speed, simplicity, and access to libraries and IDEs. In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Visual Studio Code on Manjaro Linux via command line and GUI.

Installing Visual Studio Code on Manjaro via Terminal

To install Visual Studio Code, use the following command.

$ sudo pacman -Syu code

Output of the installation process to install Visual Studio

To open up Visual Studio Code through the terminal:

$ code

Opening Visual Studio via command line

Uninstalling Visual Studio Code via Terminal

To remove VS Code from Manjaro, simply use the next command.

$ sudo pacman -R code

Removing Visual Studio Code via command line

Installing Visual Studio Code via GUI

Step 1. Access Package Manager through the menu.

Opening Package Manager through Menu

Step 2. Search for Visual Studio, then click the download icon next to it, to start downloading it.

Installing Visual Studio Code via GUI

Step 3. You will see some prompts here and there, but just go through all of them, then finally you are all set and ready to use Visual Studio Code.

Going through prompts during installation process

Step 4. In case you decide to uninstall later, simply click on Remove

Removing Visual Studio via GUI

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