How to Remove a Package on Manjaro

There are times when we’re not happy with the programs we download and install and want to completely remove them from the system. In this tutorial, we will learn how to remove a package from Manjaro using pacman and GUI method.

Uninstall/Remove Package

To remove a package on Manjaro, you can simply use the pacman command along with the -R (remove) option:

$ sudo pacman -R packagename

In case you want to remove the package and all of its unused dependencies, you can add the -s option to your command.

$ sudo pacman -Rs packagename

Removing Packages via GUI

Step 1. In the Manjaro Menu, click on Add/Remove Software.

Opening the add/remove software application

Step 2. From here, you can remove any packages you want. To do so just click on the bin icon next to the software name.

Showing the trash bin icon next to installed software

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