How to Check GNOME Version

In this tutorial, you will learn how to check the installed version of GNOME desktop environment on your Linux system. This can be accomplished through command line or via GUI as you will see below.

Check GNOME Version – Command Line

Open the terminal and type in:

$ gnome-shell --version

Terminal output from gnome-shell command

Check GNOME Version – GUI

Step 1. Go to the Activities menu and search for “About”

Accessing About through Activities Menu

Alternatively, you can go to the top right of you desktop, click on the corner icons and go to Settings. This will show you the details of your system as shown below:

Opening Settings panel on GNOME desktop

Step 2. In the About tab, you will find the GNOME version that is installed in your system.

The details of the About tab showing the GNOME version installed

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