How to Install TeamViewer on Ubuntu

TeamViewer is desktop sharing software available for a wide variety of systems, including Linux. In this guide, you’ll see how to install and use TeamViewer on Ubuntu Linux.

Install TeamViewer on Ubuntu

Step 1. Start by opening a terminal and downloading the latest release of TeamViewer. You can do that by executing the following wget command.

$ wget

Step 2. Next, install TeamViewer on your Ubuntu system with this command.

$ sudo apt install ./teamviewer_amd64.deb

Any dependencies that TeamViewer needs will also be installed at this time.

Open TeamViewer on Ubuntu

Step 1. You can now open TeamViewer by searching for the application or by typing teamviewer into the terminal.

Opening TeamViewer from GNOME application menu

Step 2. You’ll then be required to accept the license agreement before using the software.

Accepting TeamViewer license agreement

Step 3. To allow someone to control your system remotely, give them the ID and password shown on the left side of the screen. Otherwise, to control someone else’s device, enter their ID on the right side of the screen. You may also use this same menu to initiate a file transfer.

TeamViewer desktop sharing and file transfer menu

Update TeamViewer on Ubuntu

During the installation process, the TeamViewer repository was added to your system. You can see this for yourself by examining the following file.

$ cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/teamviewer.list

This means that you can use the system’s package manager to keep TeamViewer up to date, along with all the other software on your system.

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt upgrade

Or, to update TeamViewer specifically:

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install teamviewer

Of course, you’ll also be notified of new updates with the Software Update Tool in GUI.


That’s all there is to it. You now have TeamViewer installed on Ubuntu and know how to update it whenever there is a new version released. You can use TeamViewer to share your desktop with friends and other devices, or take control of remote systems. TeamViewer is also a nice tool for web conferencing, but keep in mind that the license agreement states it’s free software only for non-commercial use.

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