How to Install Skype on Ubuntu 22.04

Skype is a popular video chat and text messaging platform currently maintained by Microsoft. In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Skype on Ubuntu 22.04. We’ll cover installation via GUI, Snap package manager, and official package download.

Installing Skype via GUI method

Step 1. Open up Ubuntu Software from Activites Menu.

Opening Ubuntu Software from the Activities menu

Step 2. Search for Skype.

Searching for Skype in the Ubuntu Software menu

Step 3. Finally, click on ‘Install’ to start installing Skype.

Installing Skpye on Ubuntu

Installing Skype using Snap

$ sudo snap install skype --classic

To open up Skype from the terminal simply type in:

$ skype

To uninstall Skype from Ubuntu:

$ sudo snap remove skype

Installing Skype Using the Official Archive

Step 1. Download the official deb file from Skype’s website using wget:

$ wget

Step 2. Finally, install Skype using the dpkg command:

$ sudo dpkg –i skypeforlinux-64.deb

To open up Skype, execute:

$ skypeforlinux

Opening Skype on Ubuntu from the terminal

To remove Skype from Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt remove skypeforlinux

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