How to Install Steam on Manjaro

Steam is a popular video game service that gives you access to tons of new and old gaming titles on your computer. It can be installed on a variety of systems, including Linux. In this guide, we’ll go over the instructions to install Steam on Manjaro Linux via command line and GUI.

Install Steam via Command Line

Step 1. Use the following command to install Steam:

$ sudo pacman -S steam 

Installing Steam via terminal on Manjaro

Step 2. Once done, you can access Steam by clicking the Steam icon on the bottom right side of your desktop.

Opening Steam through Desktop after installation

Or you can right click on your Desktop, go to Applications, Games and then Steam.

Open steam via Desktop menu

Uninstall Steam

Execute this command if you want to uninstall Steam in the future:

$ sudo pacman -Rs steam

Uninstalling Steam via command on Manjaro

Install Steam via GUI

Note: We’re using Xfce desktop environment to install Steam via Pamac for this set of instructions.

Step 1. Go to the bottom right side of your desktop and right click on the shield icon as shown in the image below. Then select Package Manager.

Accessing Pamac through desktop

Or you can right click on your desktop, go to Applications, then System, and finally click on Add/Remove Software.

Accessing Pamac thought desktop

Step 2. Search for Steam and, click the first option as shown in the image below, then click on Install.

Searching and installing Steam

Step 3. An authentication prompt will appear, type in your password, and then go to the next step.

Providing authenticate credentials before installing Steam

Step 4. Select the optional dependencies that you would like to include and then click on Choose. We recommend selecting all of them.

Choosing dependencies for Steam

Step 5. Select the provider that corresponds to your installed video card.

Choosing video card provider for Steam

Step 6. Go through the next prompts, then the installation will start.

Clicking on Apply to start installation of Steam

Step 7. Once the installation is over, click on Launch.

Launching Steam

Step 8. Steam will start updating, then proceed to log in with your account.

Steam auto updates

Logging in with Steam account

Step 9. Now you are all set and ready to install and play some games!

Installing a game on Steam client

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